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Anna Apostolidou



This text is a critical poem that sprung from the reading of volume 1 of the electronic journal feministiqá. It employs auto-ethnographic reflection in order to problematize gendered subjectivity at a time of crisis and jeopardy. Textual and visual representation work complimentarily in order to describe what the writer sees as a personal and disciplinary turning point. Books, poems, sketches, and digital collages make up a theoretical/poetic feminist narrative about the performance of gendered selfhood, motherhood and thought – and its limitations.


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Anna Apostolidou is a social anthropologist and the mother of Frida and Tereza. She has studied at Panteion University, at University College London and at the Hellenic Open University (HOU). She is a postdoctoral researcher and adjunct lecturer at Panteion University, and a tutor at the HOU.