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Tag: sexuality

Moral panics and sinthomosexualities

Moral panics and sinthomosexualities   Konstantinos Argyriou     Summary The text addresses the effects of moral panics in alternative manifestations of sexuality, gender identity and gender expression. It is sustained that, through the promotion of a «correct» form of sexuality, ideals about the future and genealogy are perpetuated, while

Situated anthropology, sexuality and affects

Situated anthropology, sexuality and affects   Kostas Yannakopoulos     Summary This article deals with the distance between the ethnographer and his/her « object » of study and his/her political implication/engagement in the studies on sexuality. More concretely I review the assumptions expressed by some Greek anthropologists and, in general,

Gender issues and the right to choice

Gender issues and the right to choice   Alexandra Bakalaki     Summary Drawing on my experience teaching anthropology in the Greek university as well as on everyday interaction, I note a shift whereby gender increasingly pertains to issues concerning the right to sexual self identification. This shift accords with