Researching sex at «home»: The political, the personal and the field


Anni Simati




The call for the symposium, which motivated the writing of this paper, regarded the interconnection between the scientific, the personal and the political. Inspired by that call, I attempt to narrate the ways the desire, the political certainties and the fieldwork were rearticulated and affected each other. I use, mainly, the analytical tools and concerns of the reflexive anthropology about the anthropologist’s objectivity as a social scientist and the feminist critique of the meanings of the apriori acceptance of the anthropologist’s gender as male and therefore neutral, irrelevant and unspoken. Finally, I get into a conversation with the politics of feelings and trauma that concern queer, odd and eccentric and usually suppressed or marginalized lives.


Anni Simati studied history at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She attended the Postgraduate Program on “Gender, Culture and Society” at the University of the Aegean, from where she graduated as a doctor of social anthropology and history.