Moral panics and sinthomosexualities


Konstantinos Argyriou




The text addresses the effects of moral panics in alternative manifestations of sexuality, gender identity and gender expression. It is sustained that, through the promotion of a «correct» form of sexuality, ideals about the future and genealogy are perpetuated, while possibly acquiring unbearable connotations. The discussion centers on the child, which is shaped as an idealized figure that secures optimism. For the theorists of queer affect theory, that leads to further marginalization of people who do not fall inside the heteronormative dictates. Some of their critical arguments are developed both at a theoretical and at a practical level, aiming to encompass a reparative, «negative» reading of social inclusion.


Konstantinos Argyriou is a PhD candidate in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), enjoying a contract by the Ministry of Universities (Formación de Profesorado Universitario, FPU17/03809) at the STS Department of the Institute of Philosophy (CSIC).