Femicide/ Feminicidio/ Gender-related killing of women: Lingua feminista and the abiding demand for a liveable life


Anna Vouyioukas




The dispute of the validity of the term “femicide/feminicide” on part of the dominant public discourse is an expected reaction, given that the term is attempting to politicize an extreme form of gender based violence, bringing forth the root causes and (irreversible) consequences of inequality. The naming of women’s killing because they are women is being transformed into a means for contemporary feminist and antisexist collectivities to claim their rights & radicalizes their political agenda, creating potential to constitute spaces of feminist coalitions and common actions. The murder of Eleni Topaloudi, gave ground to name and condemn femicide, express collective anger and grief publicly, and claim women’s abiding right to a liveable life.


Anna Vouyioukas is a social scientist, researcher and gender equality expert.

email: a_vou@otenet.gr