Desire, dissent, empathy in art: Biographic records and institutional gaps


Sofia Bempeza




Drawing from an intersectional feminist perspective the public lecture focuses on the attempts to reclaim forms of representation, subjectification, and political intervention in the field of aesthetics and art. The paper presents feminist and queer art positionality from which we can convey situated knowledges by thinking through theoretical propositions on desire, dissent, and empathy. On the one hand, the author highlights biographic documentation in transdisciplinary art practices (i.e. Lis Rhodes, Lubaina Himid, Aykan Safoğlu), and on the other, she focuses on feminist critiques within art education and the #metoo movement in Greece.


Sofia Bempeza is an art theorist and artist. Her* work is focused on the politics of dissent, queer-feminist art and knowledge practices as well as decolonial curatorial practices. Her book Geschichte(n) des Kunststreiks (History/ Histories of the Art Strike) was published by Transversal. She is lecturer at the Institute of Philosophy and Sciences of Art, Leuphana University Lüneburg, co-curator of the Aphrodite* festival and member of the poetry gang She-Dandies in Athens.